top 5 bathroom cleaning hacks

Top 5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Hacks

Do you always wish to have a clean and neat bathroom? Then you’re in the right place. Here you will learn the Top 5 bathroom clean tips to clean bathroom that help you to keep your bathroom clean and neat every time you use.

Tip 1: Shower cleaning bathroom Tips and hacks:

Bathrooms look like messed up and sticky due to the hard use on it. Sometimes we feel like sticky and unclean on our body after taking the shower that is because of the rusty shower and the rusty water taps.

Here is the trick to overcome this problem:

1) Take a cup of Vinegar in a bowl.

2) Dip the shower which you want to clean into the vinegar and leave it for Two Hour.

3) Clean the shower gently with a soft towel.

Now you’re ready to take a shower and experience the difference.

Tip 2:Towels Alignment:

Always maintain the towel’s in a formal way that helps you to take easily from shelf or towel stand.

Instead of folding the towel and aligning it on a shelf, make a habit of maintaining the shelf with Towel’s in place if rolls that help you to pick and choose the right one without disturbing the other.

Tip 3:Avoid steaming up Mirrors:

Common problems that we face whenever we take our shower is steaming up mirrors. The complete time we will end up in cleaning the mist from the mirror than taking a shower peacefully.

Here is the trick to overcome the problem.

1) Take a shaving foam and the soft towel.

2) Apply the shaving foam on the mirror.

3) Leave it for Ten minutes, then clean the mirror with a towel.

Now you can see yourself in the mirror without any mist.

Tip 4:Avoid making the floor wet:

Every time you step out of the bathroom, because of the thin mat we make the floor wet.

We can use Fat and sponge mat that helps to suck the water from the body after shower and make the floor clean.

They are frequently used clever tricks and modern techniques that we naturally follow to wisely keep our modern kitchen clean, but cleaning sink and clear the blockage typically continue to remain merely extremely massive tasks every house-maid will take aback.

1) Eagerly snatch a decent cup of baking soda and a half decent cup of lemon juice.

2) Carefully pour the baking soda & lemon juice into the sink and typically wait for one social hour.

3) After an hour flush with the sufficient water to instantly see the clean and neat kitchen sink without any blockage.

Tip 5:Are you tired up with Toilet rust and marks?

Here is the cleaning tip for the bathroom. Take a bottle of coke and pour into the toilet seat then leave it for one hour. After one hour, clean the toilet seat with a brush and flush it to see the difference.

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