Best way to clean your Bathroom tiles Tips and Tricks

How to clean floor tiles most people when tiles cleaning the dirty bathroom floor do chemicals that are quite strong these types of products are understandable due to the dirt that we find in the bathroom, however, these chemicals can be harmful but certain natural options exist that we ignore.

When we are in the bathroom one of the hardest parts to clean are the tiles that are dirty since the shower will stain dry soap and the taps will be covered with a lime layer and this can be truly frustrating however there is a cleaning mixture that will help us to suppress it. commonly I heard people use baking soda to clean bathroom tiles at home but you can follow the below steps for better results.

Each of them remains, definitively the best thing is that you can prepare it very easily at home with only two ingredients without baking soda for bathroom tiles. So look at how to make a cleaner to remove all the dirt in the bathroom mix. To clean the bathroom you need 1 cup liquid dish soap 1 cup hot white vinegar one funnel one bottle of spray or atomizer one sponge preparation first let’s heat the vinegar when it is already hot but not to the point of burning. 

You can dip your finger a little to test, then take the funnel to empty the vinegar and the liquid soap into the spray bottle. Then stir only to make the ingredients blend well but avoid making too much foam the mixture will be sprayed onto the surface you want to clean mainly don’t forget in cleaning between bathroom tiles. Rub carefully using the sponge note caution is advised if you have silicone and rubber seals because vinegar on bathroom tiles can be very strong for this type of material. 

Let the mixture work for 30 minutes on the surface you sprinkles and then remove by rinsing with cold water you will see how instantly the dirt disappears quickly and easily. This mixture is also very effective for cleaning floors but is careful not to slip and fall to the ground.

Now your bathroom remains very clean in a short time and does not worry about the smell of vinegar. As the aroma disappears alone now with this vinegar mixture will be your best cleaning ingredient for your bathroom. Will remain glowing try it and leave us your comments the results will surprise you if you liked the blog please share with your friends and family and to know more about how to clean floor tiles with homemade tile cleaner vinegar, you can contact goklean4u instant bathroom tiles cleaning service in Telangana. 

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