F.A.Q & Terms Of Use

Home Cleaning Service

1) The daily temperature and hygiene checks of all the experts are crucial to ensure that they have not been too overwhelmed by recent events.
2) Each expert is provided with necessary PPE equipment (masks, gloves, etc.). There shouldn’t be any problem handling an emergency without risking infection or injury as long it’s within regulations!
3 ) Zero contact service experience ensures everyone stays safe whilst still getting their work done

As per regulations, we recommend you to place the items back where they were. Professionals can help if needed, after your permission


A typical full home Deep Cleaning service can take anywhere between 6-8 hours depending on the size of the apartment & the amount of dirt.


For those looking for a deep clean, the cost is slightly higher than regular visits. It’s worth it though! Our professional cleaning crew uses state-of-the art machinery and eco friendly chemicals that will make your house look brand new again – safe in knowing we take care of all the transportation costs as well so you don’t have to worry about anything but relaxing on our sofa while someone else does hard work outside 🙂

Please inspect the premises post completion of Cleaning and if not happy, inform vendor immediately.

Goklean4u will not be responsible for any form of theft and damage in your house.Our crew is professionally trained, background verified & thoroughly checked, but you are advised to keep an eye on your belongings and also make sure that any sensitive material is carefully moved under your supervision. Also, when our team is leaving your premises, please make sure that you have thoroughly checked the entire home.

Termites Service

In the Anti-Termite treatment, our technician will perform a 3 step process. He will drill holes at the junction of the wall & the floor of your house at a spacing of 1 ft each. These holes will be filled with a disinfectant chemical & then the holes are sealed using chalk & white cement. The whole process might take an entire day or more depending on the size of the house & the level of infestation.

  • We offer 1 year warranty on the Anti-Termite treatment. It may vary across cities and infestation level – please check before booking the service.

  • We do not provide herbal treatment since we only use our standard materials.

If you do have any complaints, suggestions or feedback with regard to the service quality, or our service provider, pricing etc please report it to our Customer Support Desk at 040-40113111  or mail us at cs@Goklean4u.com  It is advised to do this within 24hrs of your service.

Goklean4u termite control or Goklean4u termite treatment is a bad idea, as identifying the termites is a very important step towards successfully treating termites. Goklean4u termite traps are not effective, as disrupting termites could mean that they re-route to attack another area of your home. Our Goklean4u specialists have the experience and expertise to advise whether the termites are a threat or not and recommend the optimum treatment for your individual situation.

All of our termite bait is non-toxic and not harmful to children, pets or adults. For more information about our termite treatments, please see the treatments section.