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Bed Bug Control Services & Solutions

Forget your fear of bed bugs – we’re here to help! We offer a range of solutions to take care of infestations quickly and efficiently.

Get rid of those pesky bed bugs with these little tricks! Bed bugs can be so annoying and difficult to spot, but they don’t spread diseases to humans. They usually stay within a certain area of your body and leave bite marks in shapes like circles or lines.

  • Warranty – 1 Month 
  • Do’s – Keep treated area closed for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Don’ts – Keep away children & older adults from the treated area for up to 6 posts the treatment.

Bed Bug Control Procedure

Bed bugs are the worst! If you don’t have a plan in place, then you’re just asking for trouble. Luckily, we offer a tiered service model that will protect your property long after treatments are conducted.

Bed bugs are a big problem, but not for you! With our quick extermination services, you can be sure that your business will operate smoothly.

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Bed Bugs Control Killer Treatment Service

Bed bugs are on the rise and their comeback has been picking up steam. They’re tough to eradicate, but you can stop them at home with our Bed Bug control services. 

Bug Head Pest Control is here to treat your pesky bed bugs! We offer chemical bed bug treatments for your home. And before we start, we will provide you with a checklist to help you prepare for our service.

Custom Bed Bug Control Services and Solutions

We Service, You Schedule

We are here to solve your pest problem! We’ll arrange a survey, give you a quote and recommendations, and then get rid of the pests that are giving you trouble.

Save Time & Money

We save 25% of your time while ensuring spotless chairs cleaning with disinfected environment

Cockroach Pest Control Services

Our dedicated customer care team will take care of your queries and complaints.

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Cost You Money, Reach us Today!

Complete Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Do you need help getting rid of those pesky bed bugs? We’ve been treating for them for over a decade and we use the best treatment methods to make sure we eliminate all the bed bugs in your home.

To get rid of those pesky bed bugs, one of our experienced technicians will carefully apply a chemical treatment to your key areas and your current infestation will be eliminated.


In the Bedbug treatment, Our technician will do a fumigation process & spray eco-friendly chemical on the infested area/items (eg beds) in your apartment/house both the times. The entire process will take upto 1 hour.

As a safety precaution, you are requested to vacate the apartment/house for at least 12 hours. Also, we request you to wash all bed linen, curtains & other clothing articles that may have come in contact with the infested area/items.

We  offer warranty for 1 month .

Dispose off the cartons, old newspapers & damp items.

Bedsheets, cushion covers, clothing etc to be washed in hot water & keep in air sealed bags.

Toys & other materials to be washed in hot water or disposed off.

Refrain from touching sprayed surfaces for 3-4 hours.

Keep children away from treated areas.