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Goklean4u for NRI's

The prime need for flat owners, landlords, landowners and property investors is to generate maximum returns from their assets and property management advice is invaluable for doing this.

Goklean4u Management services cover Tenant Management, Rental Assistance, Property Management, Repair and Maintenance.

Goklean4u, practical and hands on approach to property management has proved us to be very successful at building long term relationships with both property owners and tenants.

We are currently serving Hyderabad and Secunderabad twin cities and vijayawada, Guntur . We will be launching our services in Visakhapatnam , Rajahmundry and Kakinada. Also will be starting operation in other cities very soon

How our Property Management Service in Hyderabad works ?

1. Contact Us

Fill a Form our representaive will get back to you with the plan details

2. Plan Activation

Call / whatsapp us to choose and Activate the plan of our choice, now just sit back and relax

3. Verified Tenant Search

We get Tenants 4X faster by enhancing your listing, advertising and by providing dedicated manager

4. Rental Agreement

Sign rental agreement with Goklean4u and tenant free of cost to start on time rental payments

5. Home Inspection

Free Home Inpsection every time before tenant move in or move out, to ensure smooth deposit settlement

6.On time rent

We ensure on time Rent payments are tranferred to your account directly

Looking for the best Property Management Services in Hyderabad?

In most cases, the properties of NRIs remain vacant as they are unable to manage their property. The maintenance of property becomes difficult as it requires a lot of time and effort. No doubt, a vacant property can generate a consistent income in the form of rent. But, for NRIs, it becomes a tedious task to look for a tenant and follow up with them on a regular basis. They look for a property management company in India that can manage their property. This is where Goklean4u plays its role and reduces your burden.

Goklean4u is a leading property management company in India. It offers transparent and trustworthy property management services in Hyderabad to the NRIs.

Goklean4u Other Property Management Services
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Our Property Management Services Include

Rent Collection

  • Rental payments are usually done through online means; however, if for any reason it is not done so, we will ensure timely collection of rents via cheques and organize payments to the owner.

Regular property inspections

  • We perform quarterly inspections of the property so as to avoid major issues in the future.
  •  A Property inspection report would be sent to the owner’s . The inspection report will include pictures if necessary.

Preparing inventory and performing inventory checks:

  • We prepare an inventory before the beginning of tenancy and perform inventory check when a tenant vacates.
  • If any discrepancies, appropriate suggestions will be given to the owner/outgoing tenant based on the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Assist in payment of bills:

  • Due dates for payments like property tax will be maintained in our database and paid well before their due date.
  • Utility bills like telephone, internet, monthly association fee, water bills shall be paid by the tenant. However, all such bills will be handled if any vacant period should arise between tenancy

Assist in repairs and maintenance

  • Request for maintenance work by tenant or owner, through our whatsapp or via a phone call would entail a visit to the property to assess the required work.
  • All issues will be solved in priority basis; while, highly emergent and low-cost issues logged by a tenant will be opened and fixed immediately without the owner approval, all other requests will await an owner’s approval.
  • Please note every concern raised for a property will notify the owner via email. All issues emergent or otherwise will be fixed by our team of contractors through our supervision.
  • Once the fix is completed, all details of the fix in terms of costs, kind of fix will be sent through whatsapp

Renewal of Lease

  • Notifications of lease expiry dates will sent to the owner and tenant.
  • We will proactively ensure lease renewals if the tenant wishes to continue after the end of the tenure.
  • Again, lease documents will be sent through mail  and notified Through Whatsapp

About Goklean4u - Property Managament Services

Goklean4u aims to provide transparent, and trustworthy property management solutions to its clients. It can be end-to-end property management service, custom or rental property management services. We do it for our NRI customers in the most effective manner.

Goklean4u is the leading property management company in Hyderabad. Our aim is to make our customers stress-free and relaxed. You ask for it and we do it. With our dedicated professional team, we ensure high-quality services for our customers.

So, sign up now to avail the best NRI property management services in Hyderabad!

Our 7 Points to make Hassel - free experience

1. Search for the perfect Tenant
2. Background Verification
3. Hassel-free Documentation
4. Seamless Onboarding
5. Dedicated Property Manager
6. Property Inspection
7. Offboarding Assistance