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Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

We know that deep cleaning leads to healthy life. We keep every inch spotlessly clean, and we strive for the same in your bathrooms! Our bathroom needs intense scrubbing down of all surfaces with a focus on deodorizing and sanitizing bathing area, shower head/toilet seat combo unit as well as sink or tub tiles among other things depending on what kind of service you’ve booked. 

  • Equipment’s carried – Mops, buckets, cleaning agents, dusters & garbage bags.
  • Deep cleaning of Bathroom Floor and wall tiles. (False ceiling will not be cleaned)
  • Descaling the water taps, bathtub/shower cubicle & cleaning WC seat.
  • Cleaning of all bathroom fittings, exhaust fans and geyser.
  • Cleaning of mirrors, windows and doors.
  • Eco – Friendly Chemical used for cleaning.
  • Hard water stains can be removed upto 70 -80%,

What's Included in Bathroom Cleaning

We provide you the best Washroom Cleaning Services in an affordable cost with quality service for your Bathroom. Our motto is to make it easy and relaxing so that we can focus on other important things while our staff takes care of everything from toothbrushes, soap dispensers, floor mats you name it!

  • Tiles scrubbing
  • WC cleaning
  • Scrubbing of marble floor
  • Cleaning of electrical fittings

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Professional House Cleaning You Can Trust

Goklean4u is a professional house cleaning service that offers thorough bathroom and floor maintenance. Our experts scrub shower walls, tiles, grout and countertops clean the sink vanity mirror in addition to vacuuming bathmats all from scratch while removing soap scum on your toilet bowl with special detergents only used by us! We also make sure you have an immaculate looking home after we’ve finished working our magic touch into every corner of it because who wants dirty floors when they can be sparkling bright again instead?

Goklean4u is a professional bathroom cleaning service that offers thorough and reliable services. We clean, disinfect your floors, sinks or baths daily to ensure they are always spotless!
Aware of the importance in maintaining good energy at home, Goklean4u uses only safe products for our customers’ comfort as well as ours during each session so it can be enjoyed without fear of germs infecting one’s body again.

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What we consider in our bathroom, washroom deep toilet cleaning service?

Bathroom cleaning is one of the most irritating home tasks we have to do, but it is necessary. For a clean, hygienic house, each and every part of it should be sparkling clean, including the bathroom. A dirty bathroom is not only bad for health but also embarrassing. Especially in the bathrooms of Bangalore, the floors and tiles have hard stains due to the hardness of the water. So, if you want a spotless bathroom without spending any time and energy, hire TechSquadTeam for professional bathroom cleaning services. Goklean4u washroom deep cleaning services have decades of experience bathroom, toilets cleaning at Hyderabad of all types and sizes.

During this period, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge on how to clean this part of your home.

These bathroom cleaning tips will help keep your bathroom neat and clean between in-depth cleaning.

Customer Safety Is Our Top-Priority ​

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Yes, our professionals display their Aarogya Setu status at the start of the service, maintain social distancing & sanitise all high touch points after the service. Additionally, all professionals carry PPE kits and have undergone training in WHO hygiene guidelines.

As per regulations, we recommend you to place the items back where they were. Professionals can help if needed, after your permission


A typical Bathroom Deep Cleaning service can take anywhere between 45min-1 hour depending on the size of the Bathroom & the amount of dirt.

Deep Cleaning is slightly more expensive compared to regular cleaning because of the depth and thoroughness of the service. The service is carried out by a professionally trained cleaning crew who use state of the art machinery and eco-friendly chemicals (Taski®). The rates are inclusive of transportation cost and service tax as per Government policies.

Please inspect the premises post completion of Cleaning and if not happy, inform vendor immediately.

Goklean4u will not be responsible for any form of theft and damage in your house.Our crew is professionally trained, background verified & thoroughly checked, but you are advised to keep an eye on your belongings and also make sure that any sensitive material is carefully moved under your supervision. Also, when our team is leaving your premises, please make sure that you have thoroughly checked the entire home.