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Sofa Deep Cleaning Service

Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Mechanized cleaning and extraction process for upholstered sofa. 3-Steps Process Followed for Fabric Sofa
  • Step 1 House Sofa Dry Vacuum to extract loose dust.
  • Step 2 Shampooing the sofa with machines for removal of dust
  • Step 3 Extraction of moisture & residual dirt.   

You can rest easy knowing that your Fabic or Leather Sofa is in safe hands with Goklean4u. Our cleaning process makes sofa upholstery fresh and hygienically clean! We use multiple machines to scrub every nook of a couch, ensuring it’s Sanitized from dirt stains as well disinfected using special organic ingredients specific for each fabric texture we’ll be sure not only keep you comfortable but also protect against damages

How We Help You?

If you’ve been noticing a funny smell coming from your sofa, or if it doesn’t look or feel the same as new anymore and wonders why? It’s probably because of uncleanliness. And no matter how many vacuuming sessions (or wipes) that seem like enough at first; eventually they won’t do anything but cover up bad odors with more intense scents taken directly into them instead of away from where people sit most often-on their laps!
I mean think about when someone eats an stinky cheeseburger right off the buns–and then falls asleep watching TV later in bed without putting newspapers under any legs before turning over for

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How do experts clean the sofa?

The cleaning process is fairly simple with the advanced cleaning chemicals Goklean4u has. At First, a sofa is dry vacuumed to remove the dust and then shampoo applied for good measure before using their Foam Brush Scrubber tool which helps foam everything in sight! Next we let wet vacs do all of that heavy lifting – so even if your upholstery material isn’t leather it’ll get cleaned by this machine too (though not as deeply). Once you’re done scrubbing away at stains from wine spills or oil mops; finally you rinse off any leftover soap residue together again under cold running water until every last drop’s gone

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How Often Should You Have Your Sofa Cleaned?

The answer to this question depends on a few variables. Do you have kids? Pets, or frequent exposure to dirt and grime in your home that could be harming the fabric of their favorite couch/chair?! If so then with regular cleaning (at least twice per year) they should last much longer than those who go without!

Here’s an easy test: Take one clean white cloth- just tear off what you need from any store wrapped up nicely before using them for messes like spills or sticky fingers -and rub briskly along both arms AND backside(s). You’ll know if its time get crackin’ because there will likely already start being signs such as dust bunnies underfoot everywhere again–so

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In order to keep your fabrics clean and hygienic, it’s necessary that you take care of them by keeping dirt-free. So here are the reasons why: We use gentle eco-friendly products which will not damage or fade in color any fabric; our technicians have top certification so they can safely handle all types of upholstery equipment without risking customer health hazards; at an affordable price with no hidden charges! Finally we implement cutting edge technology during work process such as drying time reduction making sure client gets quality service delivery right away – now there is something more than just unbelievable when talking about Goklean4u!

Why Goklean4u Sofa Cleaning Services ​

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Yes! There are several methods that can be used if your fabric sofa does not have removable covers. Rest assured, the sofa cleaning professionals hold expertise in the same.


Leather sofas need extra care while cleaning since it can be damaged by too much water. Starting with a gentle vacuuming process, it usually takes around 5-6 hours including the drying process. It also depends on the number of seats your sofa has.


There are certain factors to define the optimal time period for sofa cleaning – presence of kids and pets in the house are examples. If you have pets then you should get your sofa cleaning done in every 3 months. Otherwise, twice a year would suffice.

Please inspect the premises post completion of Cleaning and if not happy, inform vendor immediately.


Goklean4u will not be responsible for any form of theft and damage in your house.Our crew is professionally trained, background verified & thoroughly checked, but you are advised to keep an eye on your belongings and also make sure that any sensitive material is carefully moved under your supervision. Also, when our team is leaving your premises, please make sure that you have thoroughly checked the entire home.