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Office Desk's Deep Cleaning

Home offices are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This is because we spend so much time at our desks, sneezing, touching and coughing all day. Not only that but as the day goes on, home offices become cluttered with mess from our busy lives.

Goklean4u is a company that specializes in tidying up offices. We want to help you organize your office at home or work, and provide regular cleaning services.

  • Vacuuming Treatment: Our high power suction equipment will suck and remove all the dust and dislodge loose dust.
  • Foam treatment: We apply a safe, specialized chemicals foam, followed by scrubbing of the Fabric Desk to ensure deep cleaning, sanitizing and to dislodge the finest particles of grime.
  • Extraction: Our advanced extraction machine removes residual dirt and moisture so you get soft supple germ free Desks Fabric

Improve The Look & Life
Of Your office Desk Fabric

One of the biggest advantages is that a professional cleaning will help extend the life of your Desk’s.

Goklean4u provides expert cleaning services to keep your home office clean so you can be more productive. We offer dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning services to keep your space looking fresh.

If you leave your desk uncleaned, bacteria will grow. This large number of bacteria could cause illness. Clean the areas regularly, such as keyboards, phones, and desks to avoid bacterial overgrowth. Specific tools are needed to best reach hard-to-clean surfaces. By wiping down the desk top, employees will be keeping their personal space free of germs and maintaining a

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Custom Office Cubicle Fabric Desk Cleaning Services

We Service, You Schedule

We plan ourselves as per your availability, then create the customized chairs cleaning disinfecting plan that perfectly accommodates your needs.

Save Time & Money

We save 25% of your time while ensuring spotless chairs cleaning with disinfected environment

Clean Office Workplace

We help your employees to fall less sick and protect our customers from harmful bacteria and germs

Complete Office Desk Cleaning Services

Your office is a mess. You’re drowning in paperwork and the stench of over-brewed coffee is making it hard to breathe. Why not hand your cleaning duties to a professional? With Goklean4u, you’ll have a cleaner show up on time with the appropriate equipment and know just where they need to be cleaning.

You might not have the manpower or equipment to clean your new office – but that’s not a problem. Office desk cleaning professionals show up with all the equipment you might expect, and bring a level of intensity and care to their work that means the difference between an average job and an excellent one.

Customer Safety Is Our Top-Priority ​

Verified - Professionals

Insured Work

Re-Work Assured

24*7 Customer Support

A professional office cleaner can help you make the best first impression possible. From keeping your office looking great to handling all of the little details, it’s an essential part of any business.

As a business owner, it’s important to make sure that your employees’ and customers’ health and well-being are taken care of. That’s why we offer professional office chair cleaning services.

Goklean4u’s office desk cleaning services are designed to help you keep your office tidy, clean, and disinfected. They are specially made to prevent bacteria from spreading in an office environment where many people come in contact with the same surfaces. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your desk will help you avoid sickness and rise above distractions.


Why Goklean4u Office Desk Cleaning Services ​

Don’t Let Dirty Office Desk Cleaning Cost You Money, Reach us Today!


Yes, our professionals display their Aarogya Setu status at the start of the service, maintain social distancing & sanitise all high touch points after the service. Additionally, all professionals carry PPE kits and have undergone training in WHO hygiene guidelines.

As per regulations, we recommend you to place the items back where they were. Professionals can help if needed, after your permission


A typical full home Deep Cleaning service can take anywhere between 6-8 hours depending on the size of the apartment & the amount of dirt.


Deep Cleaning is slightly more expensive compared to regular cleaning because of the depth and thoroughness of the service. The service is carried out by a professionally trained cleaning crew who use state of the art machinery and eco-friendly chemicals (Taski®). The rates are inclusive of transportation cost and service tax as per Government policies.

Please inspect the premises post completion of Cleaning and if not happy, inform vendor immediately.

Goklean4u will not be responsible for any form of theft and damage in your house.Our crew is professionally trained, background verified & thoroughly checked, but you are advised to keep an eye on your belongings and also make sure that any sensitive material is carefully moved under your supervision. Also, when our team is leaving your premises, please make sure that you have thoroughly checked the entire home.