5 Bathroom Tiles Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know Now

Grouts are those materials found in between your tiles that will fill in space and support the tiles from breaking. When your floor is newly made of tiles, it looks very attractive that you want to take off your slippers and feels the softness and coolness it gives to our feet. However, when bathroom floor became older, its grouts will also become dirty bathroom floor. 

Members of the family will sometimes forget to take off their shoes or maybe visitors perhaps will not leave their footwear outside your door. These will cause dirty grout on your bathroom floors. You probably do not want your tile floors to become ugly and look awful. That is why people are asking what would be the best thing to do to remove the dirt on their tile’s grout. The answer depends on how dirty the grouts are.

Here are some steps to follow in bathroom floor cleaning & dirty grout.

  • For groups that are not so dirty, take a solution of hot water and cleaning powder. This is considered the easiest way of cleaning dirty grout. All you have to do is to pour 1 cup of the powder into a 2 gallon of hot water and mix it thoroughly (let the powder dissolve totally into the gallon of water). Use a floor mop when cleaning and dip its head into the solution one at a time. Keep it going until you will see the dirt removed from the grout.
  • If you think the floor mop is not enough in cleaning your dirty grout, try using a deck brush with a long handle and start brushing the dirt immediately. With the help of the same solution, you will see that hard to remove stains on your tiles are becoming invisible. This step can be done manually that you do not need to exert much effort on it. Let your tile floor dry before letting anyone step on it after mopping or brushing for a better result.
  • Sometimes you see that your tile floors are becoming dirtier than the grouts around it appear to become dark and black lining are visible. This is very shameful when visitors will see how dirty your floors are. Removing this type of dirt is still manageable with the proper solution used.

Steps are as follows:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid detergent, a cup of bleaching liquid and still 2 gallons of hot water. Mix these three ingredients thoroughly and let the detergent and bleach incorporate with the hot water. Use floor mop or long-handled brush to remove those hard stains and dirt. Make sure not to pour the solution on areas not needed like carpets etc. This will remove the color of your carpet and might damage it.
  • If ever your time is only limited and you cannot take a few minutes out of it for cleaning, you may contact some cleaning carpet services that offer grout cleaning. They will do the cleaning for you instead of doing it manually.

Floors are always easy to clean and maintaining its radiant look is not hard. Keeping it clean every day by sweeping or mopping it with hot water alone will reduce stains from staying on the grouts. In case you cannot avoid hard stains on your tile floors, just simply follow the steps above for better cleaning.

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