Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Kitchen cleaning in Hyderabad and Vijayawada is most difficult because of the climatic changes.  Using Goklean4u Kitchen cleaning services in Hyderabad will help you to save time and clean the house as planned. If you have enough time to clean your kitchen premises then follow the below tips and tricks in Hyderabad style to make you kitchen to look more beautiful.

Goklean4u Kitchen cleaning tips and tricks:

1) After the usage of Tea powder for Tea. While filtering the tea on serving process use it for plants that is very helpful for the growth of plants.

2) If you don’t have plan to clean the utensils immediately after its use, put them in a tub. Keep the tub in the lobby or any other place, make sure that you keep the Tub far from the kitchen so that you can avoid the food fly’s spreading on food in Kitchen area. Know more by reaching Goklean4u Kitchen cleaning services in Hyderabad.

3) We use scrubbers, brushes, soap’s for utensils cleaning in daily basis, but most of the time we forget to clean the scrubbers, brushes, soap’s that we use in daily basis.

Step 1: Take a bowl of hot water

Step 2: Add 2 spoons of liquid soap and mix well.

Step 3: Place the kitchen scrubbers and brushes in bowl for 5 min’s, then wash it well with normal water.

Step 4: Pour away the water from the soap tin daily. Don’t place the scrubbers or brush in the soap tin because all the water from the scrub will be collected in the tin.

Step 5: Clean the shrink weekly once to keep the kitchen free from germs and stains.

4) Use hand wash soap’s in the kitchen and make sure you wash your hands every time before and after you eat.  

5) Wash your kitchen dustbin 3days once and make sure that you use a different scrubber every time you clean, don’t us the scrubber that you use daily for cleaning utensils.

6) Every time you use the cloth for cleaning kitchen floor make sure you dip the cloth in phenol or Dettol before you clean. Use the same cloth to clean the kitchen slab as well.     

7) Every time you use the cloth for cleaning refrigerator, water purifier to keep safe from germs make sure you dip the cloth in.   

8) When you peel the vegetables like onions and others, don’t through the waste in a dustbin. Collect the waste in a cover and put them for animals out or you can put to the plants.

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