Indian kitchen cleaning Tips and Tricks

Here are the kitchen cleaning tips and tricks because kitchen is the heart of the house because this is the place we cook and serve to our loved members. It’s proved that even the kitchen atmosphere will make the dish to look more delicious because it generally changes the mood of the cook so use wisely kitchen cleaning tips and tricks for clean atmosphere. The main problem that always showcases in our kitchen is smudges, fingerprints and hard water by following the kitchen cleaning tips and tricks I promise you can keep your kitchen to look all time clean in a daily basis

After trying with every single tip that we collect from articles and blogs we end up with the results some may work some may not. Here are the 6 easy tips I suggest to try in your house with the natural products.

These amazing tips will help your kitchen appliances to look brand new every time.

Tip 1: Clean your fridge exterior in less than 10 min

A stainless steel cleaner product will help to remove the grease, oil stains and hand prints from your stainless fridge. This helps you to give a good look to your fridge exterior in less than 10 min.

Tip 2: Vinegar kitchen hacks

Vinegar is an easy item we can find in our kitchen.  The majority of the mess that cannot be removed easily is like grease, oil stains, and handprints can be removed with the help of vinegar. Take a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar, now spray it on the path which is needed to be cleaned and wipe it after 5 mins. This will be easier for you to keep your fridge clean all the time.

Tip 3: Prefer to a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning

Even though you use any type of stainless cleaner products or natural cleaning products always prefer to use the microfiber cloth for cleaning. Using the right cleaning cloth will speed up your cleaning process and helps to quickly remove grease, oil stains, and handprints from deep.

Tip 4: Graining

When you observe very close, you find the lines on the surface as like you see on wood. Graning changes your appliances look when you do it along with polishing and cleaning.

Tip 5: Baby oil magic:

To get extra polishing and shinning to your kitchen appliances use the nearest and cheapest product friend that is Baby oil. After cleaning the fridge apply a little to the soft cloth and rub smoothly on the surface to get instant shine.

Tip 6:  Wax things up:

A protective layer of auto wax is precisely a possible way to typically keep smudges from the visible surface of your stainless steel refrigerator. The wax acts as a protective layer typically allowing for easier cleaning. It also creates a beautiful shine on your modern appliances. After properly cleaning, traditionally use a clean rag to properly apply a thin coat of wax to the polished surface of your stainless. Then use a soft, clean rag to buff to a beautiful shine.

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