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When you do your initial walkthrough is it the same day as your first cleaning, or are those two separate days?  That is a great question and we’re going to talk about that today when you decide that it’s time to clean a house. 

Hi there, we are Goklean4u, and welcome to the daily cleaning checklist for the upcoming seasons in India. This is a blog where you get to know the best Home Cleaning Schedule and I get to help you find an answer. Goklean4u is a hub that partners homeowners with house cleaners and home service providers in Hyderabad, India.

Daily Cleaning Scheduled Checklist

So if you have a need where we can help in jump to the house cleaning service page where you can book the service both online and offline. All right, on to today’s blog, which is about a house daily cleaning checklist

There’s a whole school of thought in the house cleaning industry of house cleaners name Goklean4u. So they go and they do a walkthrough and they have a welcome packet and they like to build a lot of rapport, and tell stories and chit chat and get to know the customer, and walk through the customer’s house and find out all these amazing things about the customer.

And then they go home and they put together a proposal and then they email the proposal to the customer.

And they wait a couple of days and they may follow up with the customer, and the customer may follow up with them first, and they start texting back and forth and, “When would you like to start cleaning,” and, “Was my pricing okay?” once we mutually understand the benefit of the service, start cleaning the rooms and handover the house.

Weekly Cleaning Scheduled Routine

My weekly cleaning routine if you haven’t seen our services yet make sure you check it out, we serve both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This home cleaning plan will help you to create your own daily weekly monthly and seasonal cleaning routine. so if you’re interested in that keep reading…

Before we get started I want to talk to you a little bit about how I came up with my cleaning routine I was talking with my grandmother who was born in about 1994 about what life was like, when she was growing up and she talked to me about how in her family the women her mom and her sisters. She had set days for their tasks that they had throughout the week. So laundry back then was much more labor-intensive than it is today.

They would generally devote one or even two days to doing laundry they had days for going to the market they had a separate day for other cleaning tasks around the house and a whole separate day for baking but it just got me thinking about how much sense it makes to establish a house cleaning routine of my own.

I knew that routines were effective for my children they liked knowing what was to be expected and routines give you a sense of security plus. You don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you want to clean something you know how to do it. So this will just get you one step further to a rope process that will make your life so much more simple. So in thinking about all of those things I came across Goklean4u and it’s a great resource.

I’m going to read a couple of clips of it because she does a wonderful job of summarizing all these thoughts I’ve had regarding developing house cleaning routines. After all, most human needs are cyclic and recurrent so is housework over and over you need to sleep eat shower change laugh relax learn and entertain over and over. Your home must provide the means for you to do so in comfort and safety.

House Cleaning Routine, Day-to-Day Cleaning Routine

Every family and every household develops its methods and systems beginners in housekeeping are not beginners for long. What seems like a lot to digest when you read about it all at once begins to seem quite manageable in a short time. If you take it one step at a the time she also writes in my experience the most common cause of dislike of housework.

Is the feeling that the work is never done that it never gives a sense of satisfaction completion and repose, so I want to suggest that a home cleaning routine will eliminate that feeling that the work is never done because when you establish a routine it allows you to create a cleaning plan of items that you can complete on a set day or period time giving you clear goals and a sense of accomplishment and completion which is going to help you out.

Another trap to avoid is that of inflexible standards and unrealistic expectations so this is where i think a lot of people go off track. A cleaning routine is supposed to be designed to help you so it’s not a strict regimen that you have to adhere to and you’re a failure. If you don’t it just gives you a way to check off the list of items that you know need to get done in an achievable way. I would say that we all have different goals and needs depending on your season of life.

The size of your home how many children you have and the age of your children maybe you have a multi-generational home and so taking all of these things into account you will make up your routine. What seems to work for you she also writes when you cannot have everything establish priorities health safety and comfort matter more than appearances clutter organization and entertainment. A jumbled closet may distract you but it is much less urgent than clean sheets laundry or meals.

Excessive dustiness can be unhealthy as well as uncomfortable smeary mirrors. Usually aren’t clean the rooms you spend the most time in and those where cleanliness is urgent. So that would be the bedroom the kitchen and the bathroom generally let everything else go so if you’re in a season of life. Where you just feel like you can’t stay on top of everything i would focus on those areas.

The goal during hard times is to adhere more or less to some workable minimal routine if you can still cook simple meals and food preparation areas are safe and sanitary. If everyone has clean clothes if the bedrooms are dusted vacuumed and aired and the bedding is fresh you are doing well with that in mind. i’m going to show you four lists one for your daily weekly monthly and seasonal cleaning routines and on these lists feel free to eliminate anything that doesn’t pertain to you or that just doesn’t matter in this particular season of life that you are in.

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