Leather sofa cleaning services Hyderabad

I invited my friend from Vijayawada to my house to stay for a couple of months. We both had nice time by watching TV and eating our favorite food together on our clean leather sofa. After the completion of our vacation she left back to her home town but my complete room turned to messy, spills, accidents, and cola stains all over the sofa. I painted my leather sofa, couch to avoid the scratches, even though it looks like the brand one, stains and smell really kills my patience. 

I tried many sofa cleaning items by purchasing them from the closest super market store, all they end the sofa with up sighting ring around the stain. I even brought the sofa cleaning machine to remove the stain rings. It was a nice thought to have a advance sofa cleaning machine to do the small jobs but it didn’t make to my close expectations in leather sofa cleaning and plus left some brush marks on the sofa.

After some days I realized to start searching for Top sofa cleaning professional sofa cleaner near me  in Hyderabad to get the work done instead of depending on expensive cleaning products. My friends, family and neighbors shared their bad experience with some sofa cleaning services near me in Hyderabad and find the good one. When I check with the top brands, I could not effort to their high prices, and other cleaning services left my neighbors with wet furniture for long period of time.

My colleague who stays in Madhapur recommended to use Goklean4u a house cleaning service in hyderabad. The booking process was easy to understand when compare to other sofa upholstery cleaning in Hyderabad. Even I can fix the call appointment, house visiting and sub cleaning services like couch, pillows and others within the website. Once I booked I got a call from one of the representative from Goklean4u before the visit to check my free time. Luckily I gave my best time for them to visit my house.

The representative was very good in behavior and checked the sofa condition with a Black light and explained about the steps and process of cleaning work that need to take place. In the next day the pretreatment cleaning process completed with using sanitizer that helped to remove the bacteria and germs from the sofa. It took 24 to 48hrs for complete sofa to dry and change my favorite sofa to brand new one.   

I took the picture and sent to my friend, we both remember the old memories on this sofa. Thanks to Goklean4u for changing our leather sofa and remembering us the old memories J.

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