Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Deep carpet cleaning dust and stains are one of the hardest things in our daily life. Many households believe that carpet cleaning consumes a lot of time and money investment in case of professional deep carpet cleaning service providers.  When I worked with a team from Goklean4u a full House cleaning services including professional deep carpet cleaning as one of their services, I have analyzed the perceptions and the work how they deliver at the end by following natural and advance techniques.

In this article, I will share one of the Carpet Cleaning Tips where you can also do aprofessional deep carpet cleaning service to your carpet.  

Deep Carpet Cleaning Tip 1:How to do a professional deep carpet cleaning service

Things that are a need for deep carpet cleaning 
1) Multani Mitti
2) Petrol
3) Brush


Step 1: Take Multani Mitti in a cup and mix with petrol.
Step 2: Apply the mixture to the carpet well covering all the edges, then roll it.
Step 3: Wash the carpet with a brush after that put under the sun leave it to dry. 

Deep Carpet Cleaning Tip 2:


Things that are a need for deep carpet cleaning

1) Baking Soda
2) Lemongrass Essential Oil
3) Lavender Essential Oil
4) Orange Essential Oil
5) Rosemary Essential Oil


Step 1: Take a cup of Baking Soda and mix it with three drops of lemongrass essential oil, Lavender essential oil, orange essential oil, and rosemary essential oil.
Step 2: Powder it on the dirt and stain then leave it for 1 hr.
Step 3: After 1 hr. vacuum the carpet to feel the clean carpet. 

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